I “learned to swim” as a child, meaning I could jump in, tread water, get from one side of the pool to the other, and get out again. So, I achieved my swimming proficiency certificate!

In the years that followed, I fashioned a stroke but my technique was lacking.  In 1996, I moved to London to study Osteopathy and happened upon a weekend workshop to “improve your front crawl with Steven Shaw”. My swimming was transformed and I have swum the Shaw Method ever since.

I returned to Scotland in 2000 where I have raised my family and practised at Framework Clinics as an Osteopath. In 2019, almost 20 years later, I fulfilled a long-held ambition and qualified as a Shaw Method swimming teacher.

Swimming is a continuous learning experience. I no longer swim lengths, counting as I go, or watching the clock. Now I can easily spend an hour in the pool, playing with and exploring each stroke, noticing how I am moving in the water, feeling the water against my skin and most of all enjoying the journey.


I hold the following qualifications:

STA Level 2 Award in Swimming Teaching

STA Level 2 Certificate in Swimming Teaching

STA Level 2 Award in Safety Award for Teachers



I qualified as a Shaw Method swimming teacher in 2018


I qualified as an osteopath in 2000 and retired from practice in July 2021


I trained in JEMS® Movement A.R.T. (Analysis, Rehabilitation and Training) 2012 to 2013