The Shaw Method is a progressive, hands-on approach to teaching strokes and water confidence. It considers the relationship of your head, neck and back in the water which, with my background as an Osteopath, satisfies my appreciation of the spine. The hands-on guidance enhances the learning experience for those who are already confident in the water, and offers reassurance and support for those who are building their confidence. It invites you to notice when to apply effort, to work in the stroke, and when to glide and enjoy. Consequently, breathing is more passive and natural. The overall effect is that swimming becomes efficient and enjoyable.



There are 4 principles to the Shaw Method

1. The alignment of your head, neck and back affects your relationship with the water

2. Smart swimming considers the non-propulsive phase which comes before the propulsive phase.  
 The non-propulsive phase is easy, open, release, inhale, whilst the propulsive phase is   go , work, exhale.

3. Breathing is easier when the body is aligned and open.  
 The in-breath occurs more easily in the open, non-propulsive phase and the out-breath happens in the go, propulsive phase.

4. Enjoy the journey!