"Prior to having the lessons with Morag, swimming for me, was all about doing a certain number of lengths and was very much a chore which I didn’t find particularly easy or hugely enjoy. Now, I find swimming enjoyable and fun. I have a sense of being much more aware of my body in the water, experiencing the fluidity of the movements and understanding the form of the stroke so much better."  Alice


"Morag has now given me 3 lessons and in my 53 years I have never actually ‘enjoyed’ the water until now!  Normally on holiday I am the person sitting by the pool dipping her big toe in watching on while everyone else is enjoying the fun.  This week I go on a cruise and, whilst I am not at the swimming stage, I am looking forward to ‘floating’ and simply being relaxed and enjoying the water without fear."  Joanne


"Despite nearing 60 years of age, I still enjoy competing in 'novice ' level triathlons. This involves a 400m swim at the start of the event. This being my poorest discipline and therefore quite tiring, I thought some technical instruction might help me improve my performance. I had a marvellous one-to-one session with Morag, who, by slightly changing my technique, has shown me how to conserve energy, whilst also gaining a few seconds on the clock.  I can now look forward to this stage of my triathlon, thanks to Morag's patience and extreme professionalism." Mandy

"Several swimming coaches have attempted to improve my stroke over the years with little success. After my 3 lessons with Morag I now understand my position in the water and what it feels like to glide through the water rather than fighting it. A few simple changes and being lead through the movements and the penny dropped. These changes have made a massive difference to how I feel in the water and made my stroke far more efficient."  Angela